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Yogscast – Heroes of Newerth: Geomancer + DOTA 2 chat

Simon, Lewis and Rythian talk about the new hero added to HoN this week and also chat about what they think the upcoming DOTA 2 will be like.
Title Splashscreen by Lalna: http://www.youtube.com/yogscastlalna

Sexy Hrvatice Hot hot hot video [Sexy Croatian girls]

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Olivier Martelly – Ave'w Mwen Prale OFFICIAL VIDEO

This is not merely a music video, this is a Public Service Announcement constructed with musical elements to grasp the attention of our demographic. Olivier and I financed this NON PROFIT project personally to address a serious issue in our society- we received no outside financial support. The Haitian woman's plight is a difficult one-and one that is especially dear to our hearts. The rates of domestic abuse in our country in relation to our population size is mind numbing. The video was produced for the sole purpose of emphasizing that message at the end “Pa Leve Men Sou Fanm” TRANSLATION: DO NOT LIFT YOUR HANDS ON A WOMAN. The video was inspired by an act of domestic abuse that Olivier and I witnessed first хэнд on the way to a charity event on a dull Sunday morning. A visibly intoxicated man slammed a woman against the wall and began hitting her; by the time we got out of the car to do something the woman's face was already covered in blood. In most societies, government institutions and/or multinational corporations finance these visual messages to raise awareness. This is not the case in Haiti unfortunately. We thank everyone for their support, and invite everyone interested in the cause to continue supporting us in our fight against Domestic Violence. This is just the beginning of a social movement. MUSIC FOR CHANGE. Steve Halloun

Robert Pattinson MTV Live Chat Recap

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Stay posted for the recap from the live chat with Robert Pattinson on MTV.
Hi guys! You're back at ClevverTV. I'm your host Dana Ward recapping the deets from the MTV live chat with Robert Pattinson. Well, right off the bat, we got to see a new, exclusive clip from Water for Elephants — showing his co-star love interest Reese Witherspoon — R's character, Jacob, trying to get her to runaway with him. It's quite dramatic as they're about to jump off a quickly moving train. Of course, Josh Horowitz asks Qs about the movie and a handful of Robert's responses are quite quirky, funny and joking. He said that the film's production was fun, great and magical, and he loves the time period that the film takes place in, adding that there was nothing from the modern world near their location shoot. He told a story that on his lunch break, he and the elephant fell asleep together, so cute. Pattinson said that he always winds up in movies with strong, passionate people
Umm, did you catch RP's American accent on-the-fly?? It was terrible and I'm still laughing about it. Apparently, his go-to accent sounds like Christopher Walken. MTV also chatted about the star's hair evolution through the years. Interestingly, Robert said he regrets wearing that suit for the first Twilight premiere — apparently it was too small. Basically, this MTV First: Robert Pattinson interview covered a whole lot of info all about Robert Pattinson. If you checked it out, what did you think about it? Let us know and be sure to subscribe to our show at youtube.com/clevvertv for more deets about this star and all of your faves in Hollywood. I'm Dana Ward and thanks again for checking out ClevverTV. Bye!

OMG Chat – Free Webcam Chat Rooms | OMGchat.com

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Sex over 60

Sex doesnt stop when youre 60. Listen to a sexual psychotherapist talk about sexual relationships once youre in your 60s, how the body changes and why it can be better than ever.

RuneShark Podcast – Episode 1 – Runescape Chat – Featuring Stokenut

First i the series of RuneShark Podcasts – feel fre to play Runescape whilst this plays in the background.
Ring of Wealth update
BTS April
Best GE Buys/Fails
Simons funny story of the week.
Stokenuts Channel:


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Les Chatons Telecom – Le making of

Pour vous qui avez aime la video Chatons Telecom, decouvrez toutes les coulisses du tournage.


Luis Enrique llego a la sala de charlas de Premio Lo Nuestro con mucha salsa despues de un buen tiempo fuera de los escenarios, multinominado a Premio, ganador de un GRAMMY, confeso que le gustaria hacer un duo con Alejandro Sanz y con Juan Luis Guerra.
Ver mas videos de Premio Lo Nuestra en http://www.youtube.com/show?p=jDEyDkphuqg
Watch more videos from Premio Lo Nuestra at http://www.youtube.com/show?p=jDEyDkphuqg

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