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Funny Halo Video

This is not my video! I downloaded it from their site and put it on here so I can use it else where. I do not know any of these guys nor play with any of them. My gamertag is 'a giggling girl' if anyone wants to play.
Futuristic Sex Robotz – Don't Make Us Kick Your Ass
Visit their website at www.futuristicsexrobotz.com to listen to all their other songs!
Recycle Bin: y'all can't fuck with the Spit Yo-Yo Mafia,
SR: with FSR, we're double teamin' ya,
Coaxke: your shit will be owned when the game concludes,
B'Dog: like you spent every round lookin at Bea Arthur nudes
Coaxke: I stuck you, motherfucker, oh, stick stick, god damn!
Recycle Bin: God damn!
Recycle Bin:
clockin headshots like they're goin' out of style,
leave you and your homies in a big ass pile,
dual M6Cs cause I roll like John Woo,
sprayin' hot lead, have you screamin' “What? Who?”
Coaxke's got that Plasma/BR55 hit,
kill ya hella fast, so we call him “green shit,”
B'Dog's round the corner, M90 ready cocked,
not close enough? Grenades steady stocked, (B'Dog: Haha, I stuck you!)
SR's bustin domes on that crazy sniper scene,
Yo, Coaxke, what's Killtacular mean?
Coaxke: Like that thing you do with underage teens!
Recycle Bin: Four in a row, four seconds between
elite at this shit since Marathon,
ten fuckin' years, killin' ya where you spawn,
look at you, flyin' in your fly banshee,
rocket locked on, you're next in my spree,
work some green shit, take you out in one shot,
you'll die screamin' “They're everywhere!” while I drop it like it's hot,
all them snot-nosed brats, you best beware,
Halo ain't for those without pubic hairs
rollin' through your base with the biggest gun I got,
not so I can shoot you, I won't even use one shot,
won't find a secret entrance, I'll come through the parking lot,
and jam the handle way up into your expansion slot,
won't fuckin know what hit you when I come out to play,
Assassin's what they call me, but the middle name's Melee,
the Mafia is comin' and we're here to fuckin stay,
flamin' ninjas all around you and your homies, we will slay,
y'all got killers in the streets, we got killers in the trees,
and before you know what hit you, you'll be fallin' to your knees,
and when you're kneelin' down there, you may as well suck deez,
to buy you time before we turn your body to swiss cheese
FSR, back up in your ass,
step off the flag, or you'll catch a rocket blast,
mag in хэнд, I'll be blastin' your man,
push his wig back, while I'm makin' a dick scan,
watch your back, cause I creep up from behind,
sword in хэнд and – you're mine,
leave your bitch screamin' for my non-dairy creamer,
psych, I'm just gonna drop a Brute steamer,
I ain't got time to bleed,
Frag Dollz, they be catchin' my seed,
dots on your dome, rock Predator style,
pussy big as a house, my dick's long as a mile
Recycle Bin:
like an ill ninja with atomic bombs,
up in your base all day long,
the homies cleared it out so, “Bomb Armed!” round over,
screamin' “It's just luck!” but we ain't got that clover,
jacked your flag like code for Half Life 2,
from all directions so you don't know what to do,
rollin' in a new M12G1, (Coaxke: Sittin on some dubs!)
if you grab it through the floor, your ass better run,
S-double-Y-M, chillin' with your mom,
rocket up your ass, like a session with your domme,
say you could own, if the pistol had a scope?
that shit got balanced, so you best learned to cope,
we got our skills from Marathon, son, (Recycle Bin: Yeah, motherfucker!)
bitch all you want, the game's already won (Coaxke: Oh! Oh, damn!)

Sean Paul – Hold My Хэнд (Video)

© 2009 WMG
Hold My Хэнд (Video)


Tissue paper and selotape. using fake boobs and not showing our faces, one of us tricked a man into thinking we would show him “our boobs”. after making him do and say ridiculous things we revealed our gender. Epic reaction. funny s*** ! LIKE .. RATE .. COMMENT .. SUBSCRIBE !! thanks for watching !

Dash Berlin with Cerf Mitiska & Jaren – Man On The Run (Official Music Video)

DJ Mag Top 100 voting has started: vote for your favorite via http://top100djs.net. We'd like to thank all of you for your support!
Download this video on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashManonRunVIDIT
Download this track on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashManOnRunIT
Download the album 'Give Me A Sound' on iTunes: http://bit.ly/DashGiveMeASoundIT
Listen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/DashManonRunSP
Download on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/DashManonRunBP
Folluw us:







Remember that remix Dash Berlin did on Cerf, Mitiska & Jarens You Never Said? It rocked the crowds, all the way from New York to Amsterdam and everywhere in between. And it sure didnt only impress the trance lovers. The track was even nominated for Best EuroDance/Hi-NRG Track at this years International Dance Music Awards, which proves that a combination of their sounds was more than just musical chemistry. Right about time for a collaboration. Dutch producer collective Dash Berlin have now teamed up with the well known trance trio Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren. Matt Cerf and Shawn Mitiska, armed with singer Jaren, have been haunting the trance scene with previous hits Light The Skies and Saved Again. Man On The Run is the result of this exciting team up and the proof that these team players can truly live up to the expectations. Man On The Run is the catchy, piano-driven anthem that again shows how great a heavy bassline, a voice to die for and an emotionally charged melody can shape something beyond listening pleasure. This team has found their perfect match. Man On The Run goes deep, hits high and leaves everyone speechless, if not singing along.

Discipulos de Otilia Sex Online Ska

Video clip del grup de Barcelona Discipulos de Otilia. Parodia sobre el sexo cibernetico.


We know what you want – hot girls that don't exist that you couldn't get anyway.
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